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Pen likes the flying place. It is not as good as open air (it's really not) but she's getting okay at the tight maneuvering and constant flapping required for indoor flying. And it's the only place she can go to fly. Not that Cindy would stop her if she decided to ignore his advice but his advice is probably good. Sigh.

Flap flap. Flap flap bank swoop flap. At some point Cindy's friend Moriarty will come over, even though this seems like a terrible place for whichever one of them got found to make the victor waffles.

moved house

Nov. 7th, 2013 08:08 pm
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Pen likes the new apartment. It's bigger, she has new walls to draw on (she's got paper, too, but sometimes she wants to do a proper mural), and she doesn't have grit under her feathers anymore.

She gets left alone a lot, though. Cindy is out doing things all the time. He doesn't have as much time to take her to the flying place. (Once, when he is out and she can't even ask, she hops out over the patio balcony onto the neighboring roof, and checks to see if there is anybody around, and flies a little bit, low and owl-quiet. She doesn't think anybody sees.) She builds elaborate structures. She solicits another box of pieces.

He leaves the news on, a lot. Pen mostly ignores it. She knows English, technically, but the pentagon didn't tell her the concepts her upbringing has left her missing.
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Pen waits for somebody to come find her. She knows abstractly that this can go on for years, but she's still alarmed, when it turns out it's going to take more than a week.

At least there is Cindy, even though he isn't her real daddy. Cindy is fun and makes tasty food and brings her presents to keep occupied with and doesn't mind that she draws on the walls and likes it when she sings and takes her to the place with room to fly most days, and lets her paint him pretty. Pen makes elaborate K'nex structures, becomes quite adept at piloting her helicopter (it has room to fly even inside the apartment), and improves at drawing. She learns the lyrics to a lot of Queen songs. She does not go in the dangerous room or out the dangerous door; she's safe but Mommy isn't here to safe Cindy too and Pen can't do it because she's not a mint. She can do other things, though. She can play and read and eat waffles and paint Cindy.

She paints him most of the time, now, and she sings while she does it.
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Pen wakes up at about four in the afternoon. It takes her a few seconds to remember why she's here, but then she remembers and starts looking for Cindy.
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Pen' was just going to go practice singing. (She likes singing. The words are all lined up for her already and she doesn't get them wrong.) But this doesn't look like the practice room. So it's probably the magic restaurant.

Pen knows about the magic restaurant! You can go in it, and get food or things to drink (she has bracelets!) and then you just go back out the door and it's been no time at all and you're right where you went in.

She goes in. She is going to have cake.
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Bella very carefully checked just how firewitchy her firstborn was before letting her do anything with hot glass - healing spells or no healing spells, getting burned is reportedly not fun - but now Carinna's allowed to play with the gooey warm stuff as much as she likes, provided she is careful not to get it under her fingernails where it would be hard to get out again. It's better than clay. It glows pretty - Carinna isn't firewitchy enough to heat it up again if it cools, but she can stick it in the fireplace and then pull it back out again whenever she likes. She sits on the floor next to Bella in Bella's workshop. Bella's making lenses. Carinna's making - something.

She thinks it's a pretty something! She holds it in place, covered in fingerprints and glowing bright, till it holds its own shape, and then she gets up and carries it out the door and runs around looking for Grandma Marianne. Where's Grandma Marianne?


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